Badges and Game Sign Ups are now Available!!!

Hey folks. Registration will open today. For those who use Tabletop Events a few things.

1 – the price is in USD. We’ve priced it so that as of today, the ticket price + fees is just under the $20 door price. We didn’t want the price to be $20+fees.

2 – once you buy a badge you will be able to sign up for events.

If folks wish they can email a photo of their vaccination proof (or medical exemption) to enbicongames [at] gmail [dot] com and we can get that taken care of beforehand as well. if you do sent us a photo, once it is marked down on our end, it will be deleted. If you’d rather not send a photo then bring a copy with you to the event.

Game Auction!

Saturday Night Game Auction Returns!

Getting down to the wire now as September rolls in…We will once again be hosting the gaming auction, this year to benefit CARMA Fredericton. Bring your games to auction with the following…

  1. Seller’s Name.
  2. Starting Bid.
  3. Percentage for CARMA. The default (and minimum) is 25%.

If the information is not on the item we will make the default assumptions.

  1. Enbicon becomes the seller.
  2. The Starting bid will be $5. Regardless of possible value.
  3. 50% will go to CARMA, 50% will go to the convention.

Please be sure that items for the auction are things that will appeal to gamers. We do not accept old board games like Risk or Scrabble and we generally don’t accept game add-ons unless we think they will sell.

Not going to be able to make it to the Con but still want to sell your games? Contact us and arrange a location and time to drop them off and we’ll make sure they make it to the auction.

Enbicon’s Covid Protection Policy

At the end of the day our goal is to provide a safe environment for our attendees, guests and volunteers. As a result the current COVID plan is in place. We continue to monitor the provincial situation and will adjust as we feel is necessary.

  1. – Proof of vaccination. We’re a private business, not a care provider and thus not subject to PHIBA rules. Medical exemptions are allowed but if you are otherwise not vaccinated please stay home.
  2. – Adjusting spacing/number of tables. Guests not actively participating in a game are asked not to take up a table that is reserved for a game.
  3. – GMs will be provided with disinfectant and will wipe down the table surface once their game is concluded. It is also recommended that GMs wipe down the table before they start in case the previous group forgot (it happens).
  4. – Contact tracking list, including phone numbers.
  5. – Masks must be worn unless seated at a table and the table agrees.
  6. – Temperature taken and recorded upon entry.
  7. – Attendees will be asked the standard COVID questions and be required to sign that the answers given are accurate.

I want to be very, very clear here. This is not a place to protest masks or vaccines etc. Simply put you are welcome to stay home if you cannot or will not comply with the convention rules.

Want to Attend Enbicon but live out of town?

We have reserved a block of 10 rooms under the group code Enbicon20 arriving September 24, 2021 and departing Semptember 26, 2021. Rooms are offered at 134$ for one Queen size bed, and 144$ for Queen size beds. Guests calling to reserved should reference the group code for the special rates. Rooms will be held in the group until August 27, 2021 at which time they will be released back into general availability. Contact the Fredericton Inn.

Important Update

We have once again made slight changes to our dates and venue for Enbicon 2021, in an effort to work with our venue provider and help them to facilitate their bounce back from the impact of Covid, we will now be having the con on our original dates September 24-26, 2021, and we will be located upstairs in the grand ballroom. We’re also looking into getting some dividers to cut down on the noise pollution and give each game a bit more privacy while still making use of this much larger space.

Game Submissions are Beginning!

We’re organizing events on Tabletop events, and if you want to run a game, we have slots available, feel free to build your own slots this year, for long or short games. Friday, Saturday and Sunday all have plenty of space available. Keep in mind there will be a Game auction Saturday at 7pm, and as always we at Enbicon recommend conning responsibly, rest, food and hydration are all important, as well as having a great con experience! Join us today!

Enbicon Returns, 2021, Live and In Person.

That’s right folks, get hype, with the progression of vaccinations we’re fairly confident at present that we will be able to gather for an in person Convention experience! We will of course have a Covid plan in place so that we may follow any and all rules and regs that arise for everyone’s safety! When? October 1-3. Where? The Fredericton Inn, 1315 Regent Street, they have once again been gracious enough to host us. How much? 20$ if you register in advance, or 25$ at the door. We hope to see you there! Stay tuned if you want to run a game, registrations will open SOON TM. If you’d like to help us as a sponsor, or join us as a vendor, please contact us!