Silver Level Sponsors!

Not only do we have a Gold Level Presenting sponsor but we also have two(!) Silver level sponsors. One of whom is brand new to us and one is a returning partner from 2018!

Ice Cream Dice

Time for some real Sweet Rolls!

Ice Cream Dice out of Edmonton is (a this writing) 16 days away from their kickstarter ending! They funded in 9.5 hours and have blown past the $75K stretch goal in just two weeks. We’re very happy for their success and are super happy to have them as a sponsor for Enbicon 2019!

I created Ice Cream Dice to address the severe lack of nearly edible looking dice in the marketplace. I believe I have succeeded.

OK, OK, that wasn’t actually why I started Ice Cream Dice. I wanted dice that were fun, unexpected at a gaming table and a little bit whimsical, all while being usable. I started it because I was so tired of seeing the same dice offered on different sites, by different companies with different names. Names like ‘Goblin’s Blood’ and ‘Dragon’s Blah Blah Blah’. 

When I got to thinking about fun and whimsical, ice cream came immediately to mind and I started on a journey to design the most ice creamy looking dice I could.

Marc Schubert

The Comic Hunter

The Comic Hunter opened in Fredericton October of 2018, literally days after Enbicon 2018. We reached out to them at the last minute then and they came in as a vendor. This year they are back as a Silver Level Sponsor but more than that, they are big fans of the convention. Almost every time Marie is in the story they ask her about 2019 and what we’ve got going on. They’re a great spot to stop in for comics, trading card games (and singles), board games and RPGs. They host several events each month – D&D games, Magic, Keyforge, learn to play board game nights and more. You can follow them on Facebook for all the event details.

We look forward to continuing to partner with them and will shortly be working out the details on some sort of Enbicon fundraiser to perhaps coincide with free RPG day in June.

Welcome to Libris Arcana

Hello to our Gold Level Sponsor

Our Sponsor/Vendor Liaison, Marie, has been a whirlwind of activity lining up a variety of sponsors for Enbicon 2019! Every time she posts to the organizer group we’re all amazed. This year we have sponsorship packages to help offset some of the costs (last year was the first time in memory that Enbicon actually came out slightly in the black which allowed us to purchase a domain name!).

Our Gold Level sponsor is a Canadian company called Libris Arcana.  We will be mentioning them a bunch over the next several months and encourage everyone to take a look at their dice subscription service (I’m also really interested in the RPG subscription). As a thank you, Salon A will be referred to as the Libris Arcana Gaming Salon.

Located in Vancouver, they not only have monthly dice subscriptions, but also an RPG book subscription. Our very own DMDon suggested that we contact them, as he enjoys their dice subscription and thought that a partnership with them would be a good fit. We are glad that they agreed! On top of being a Canadian company, they also raise money for charity through some of their sales: for 2$ more on their monthly dice subscription, you can help share the love of D&D and other tabletop RPG games with school aged kids. We do love a good charity! Check them out at for more information!

Enbicon Updates

Continuing to work on the webpage, figuring out what to include for content, layout, how frequently to update and all that other stuff. We’re hoping to include not only Enbicon updates but also updates on other conventions in New Brunswick as well as links to some fellow gamer blogs, podcasts and other things of interest to the gaming and cosplaying community.

Please bear with us as we continue to experiment with increasing Enbicon’s web presence and work hard to bring you the best gaming and cosplay experience we can!

Enbicon 2019!!

As we start 2019, Enbicon 2019 is a mere 268 days away!  Hopefully this webpage will be up and running shortly so you can see where we are with planning and what we want to accomplish in the next convention.

2018 saw a record year for the SPCA Auction and no matter what changes Enbicon goes through in terms of location, pricing, staffing, events and so on our intent is to always have the SPCA as our charity.  It is as much a part of the convention as the Grand Melee is and it just wouldn’t be Enbicon with out the auction for the SPCA.

Our dates for 2019 are already penciled in (September 27-29 2019) at the Fredericton Inn.  We think the space worked well in 2018 and are hopeful that we can continue to use the same space each year for a sense of consistency.

Once we have the website up and functional we’ll be starting to reach out to sponsors, including Die Hard Dice and Wormwood from 2018.  We can’t express how awesome it is as organizers to receive support from larger companies like them.

So stay tuned for updates and opportunities as the year goes on and here’s to a successful 2019 convention.