Enbicon Badges and Player Registration Begins!

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Day Pass – $20 (CDN)

Family Weekend Pass – $90 (CDN) (2 Adults, 2 children 16 or under).

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Game Submissions are Beginning!

We’re organizing events on Tabletop events, and if you want to run a game, we have slots available, feel free to build your own slots this year, for long or short games. Friday, Saturday and Sunday all have plenty of space available. Keep in mind there will be a Game auction Saturday at 7pm, and as always we at Enbicon recommend conning responsibly, rest, food and hydration are all important, as well as having a great con experience! Join us today!

AL D&D Epic – Stardock Under Siege

We welcome you to join us at Enbicon 2019 for this EPIC adventure!

An EPIC is a grand adventure involving multiple tables working together to defeat a common foe. This time we save Waterdeep in “Stardock Under Seige” (DDEP08-02) from an attack from another plane of existence!

Adventure Synopsis:

An illithid invasion fleet threatens Stardock, and only you and your allies can stop it!

Designer: M.T. Black and Shawn Merwin

Playtime: 3 hours

Levels of play: 1-16

Adventure League (AL) legal characters or provided pre-gens.

We are requesting a $5 donation to the Fredericton SPCA to reserve your seat. Table space is limited, so reserve your seat to guarantee your spot.

The Stardock is in peril!


What you need to bring?

-A fully “ready” Adventure League (AL) legal character and log sheet.

-‘Enough’ dice for your character.

-Writing implements.

-A familiarity and basic understanding of both Dungeons & Dragons, your character and AL Rules (See below for rules).

-Desire to have a great time!

-Your miniature (optional)


-This is a timed event. Players are expected to work together and cooperate above and beyond what you might see at an AL session.

-Reserving a spot at a specific table is in no way 100% guaranteed. The DM list is not set in stone, and we may be forced to move players from their desired seating (i.e. to balance out table seating).

-Arriving late may forfeit your spot, please arrive early!

-If you do not have an AL character ready at the start of the event due to any reason, you WILL be provided with a pre-generated character. There is no time at or before the event to create a character and get it approved. The DMs/admins will be busy.

-We reserve the right to expel disruptive players. This may be from the table or the event pending our discretion.

– Players to be seated maximum of 20 minutes before start of play.

– Please keep table noise down when announcements are being made

Sign up Here on the Warhorn, register and pick your tier of play.

Also important to note is that Fai Chen will also be in attendance, Life in Waterdeep downtime events will be available, as well as items to buy and trade.