Enbicon 2020 Virtual Convention is live.

Game Registration for Enbicon 2020 is live!! If there’s a game you want to run be sure to submit it! Due to the virtual nature of the convention we’ll be using Discord along with whatever supplemental digital tools the GM uses (for example I use Roll20 for my games).

Enbicon 2020

Quick update!

A few things we’re looking at for 2020.

  1. Having more space for both Friday night and Sunday. If we utilize the A and B Salons (currently we only use A on those times), this gives us another 1500 square feet of space on those days. It’s an increase of 75%.
  2. Moving the auction room/panel room to Salon F instead of D. So right across the hall from the main space as opposed to down the hall. This is a <slightly> smaller space (down 30 sq. feet) but the layout is different and feels larger. We feel the significantly better location is worth the 30 square feet.
  3. Saturday night we will have Salon C set aside for games that are specifically 18+. It is the only time we’ll be able to have a specific section for more mature games and we will only be scheduling those games at that time.
  4. Soon-ish we’ll have announcements regarding a new Volunteer Coordinator and a Marketing/PR Coordinator.

Thanks and looking forward to making 2020 a standout convention! Note – more space Friday and Sunday will mean a higher facility cost but we are going to make sure that we do everything possible to not increase ticket prices over the 2019 prices. As we go along we will have a working budget so anyone who’s curious as to where the money goes can simply ask. We want to be transparent for our attendees.

As a final note, with the new year, our organizers are now gearing up, getting to work on improvements, and pounding the digital pavement looking for new sponsors to make 2020 our best year yet, if you’d like to contribute in any way, please let us know. Submit!

Also if you don’t know our dates for 2020 are September 25-27th, the last weekend of September, Stay tuned for more to come!

Scheduling Changes.

Enbicon News

With small numbers/tickets sold we unfortunately had to cancel the DDEP08-02 “Stardock Under Siege” epic. In its place we will offer single adventures offered by the Epic DM/Admin Crew to be offered Saturday, September. 28th. Below is list of offerings:
Fai Chen: Saturday 11PM-12PM

Saturday 9 AM
Escape from Wheloon (lvs.1-4), 6 spots, Ryan Finn
The walled city of Wheloon holds the criminal population of Cormyr. The residents of that place are bound to it forever and cut off from the outside world. Inside, plans are made and malcontents pool their resources – and outside, forces influence the innocent to ensure that a dire plot can be realized without interference from the knights and mages that guard the realm. Now you’re here with no memory of what brought you to Wheloon, and all you can think of is finding out why!

Saturday 1PMFane of the Night Serpent (lvs. 5-10), 6 spots, Steven Hirtle

A curse has befallen the continent of Chult. Those that have died and have been raised, are now suffering a terrible wasting disease that does not respond to any known cure. Divine divination has pinpointed the source to a Yuan-Ti temple hidden beneath the Lost City of Omu. You are to infiltrate the temple, discover the plots of the Yuan-Ti and put an end to this curse.
Undermoutain: The Musical (tier 2 pregens, award applied to a tier 2 PC), 5 spots, Andrew Diagle

Minsc and his faithful ally Boo have seen much of the Forgotten Realms, and have been inspired by Volo to produce a guidebook detailing some of the more incredible things that they’ve experienced!
Red War: Housekeeping (lvs.11-16), 6 spots, Ryan Finn

The dawn of the final day arrives: The Red War looms on the horizon, and nothing can stop what is to come. But in those early hours before carnage begins, a group of adventurers are tasked with a covert operation to remove sensitive information left behind by the factions and sow subterfuge. Will internal and external influences keep them from completing their missions?

Full List of Sponsors for 2019

  1. Libris Arcana
  2. Ice cream Dice
  3. Wyrmwood
  4. The Comic Hunter
  5. Elderwood Academy
  6. Brotherwise Games
  7. Gamezilla
  8. Pinnacle Entertainment Group
  9. Die Hard Dice
  10. Evil Hat Productions
  11. Strange Adventures
  12. Rio Grande Games

We’d like to take the time to thank our full list of sponsors who have been gracious enough to donate to help making EnBiCon 2019 the best there has ever been.

Games Scheduled thus Far.

Games scheduled

  1. Deadlands Classic
  2. A Song of Ice and Fire
  3. Azul
  4. Call of Cthulhu (Julian)
  5. Call of Cthulhu (Ryan)
  6. D&D 5E – Shortcake Adventures – For new D&D players
  7. D&D AL Epic – Stardock Under Siege – Tier 1
  8. D&D AL Epic – Stardock Under Siege – Tier 2
  9. D&D AL Epic – Stardock Under Siege – Tier 3
  10. D&D 5e – Shortcake Adventures – Annual Dungeon Crawl
  11. Dangerous Endeavors D&D
  12. Exploring the Death House (D&D)
  13. Fire Tower Board Game
  14. Flavour Of the Month (Ice cream Dice Special)
  15. Forbidden Lands
  16. Good Society: the Jane Austen roleplaying game
  17. Learn to Play Magic: The Gathering
  18. Night Witches
  19. Pathfinder RPG
  20. Raiders of the North Sea
  21. Roll Player
  22. The Clowns of Funland
  23. The Grand Mêlée
  24. The Last Reichsritter
  25. The Quiet Year
  26. Torg Eternity
  27. Unravel 2019: Through The Spiral
  28. Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition
  29. X-Wing Miniatures (Learn to Play)

Vendor Applications

Just a reminder that vendor applications close tomorrow! Thank you to all who have applied! You’ll be receiving an email by Tuesday morning (I work Monday so emails will be sent starting around 11pm) telling you if you were officially accepted or waitlisted.

We can’t wait to be able to share our list of vendors with you all! That will come at the end of the month; however, we can say that The Comic Hunter Fredericton will definitely be there!