Sponsors 2019

Thank you for your consideration. If you are interested in sponsoring EnBiCon 2019, or have any questions, concerns or suggestions, feel free to contact Marie.

Gold Level: Presenting sponsor

We are excited to announce that LibrisArcana will be the presenting sponsor of EnBiCon 2019! As a thank you, Salon A will be referred to as the Libris Arcana Gaming Salon.

Located in Vancouver, they not only have monthly dice subscriptions, but also an RPG book subscription. Our very own DMDon suggested that we contact them, as he enjoys their dice subscription and thought that a partnership with them would be a good fit. We are glad that they agreed! On top of being a Canadian company, they also raise money for charity through some of their sales: for 2$ more on their monthly dice subscription, you can help share the love of D&D and other tabletop RPG games with school aged kids. We do love a good charity! Check them out at www.librisarcana.ca for more information!

Silver Level: Game Rooms

Ice Cream Dice

The first of our Silver Level sponsors is Ice Cream Dice. Another Canadian company bringing something unique to the gaming table. From their kickstarter (which completely funded in 9.5 hours!!)

OK, OK, that wasn’t actually why I started Ice Cream Dice. I wanted dice that were fun, unexpected at a gaming table and a little bit whimsical, all while being usable. I started it because I was so tired of seeing the same dice offered on different sites, by different companies with different names. Names like ‘Goblin’s Blood’ and ‘Dragon’s Blah Blah Blah’. 

When I got to thinking about fun and whimsical, ice cream came immediately to mind and I started on a journey to design the most ice creamy looking dice I could.

Marc Schubert

The Comic Hunter

The dates for Enbicon 2018 coincided wonderfully with the news that The Comic Hunter was opening up a Fredericton location. Marie reached out to them on very short notice and they jumped on board as a vendor in 2018 and now they are returning as a sponsor and vendor for 2019!

The Comic Hunter carries comics, card games, board games and RPGs and hosts several events each week – Magic The Gathering, D&D Adventure League, Key Forge and more. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them for Enbicon 2019!

Event Support

Brotherwise Games

    Brotherwise Games has sent as a plethora of Boss Monster related items

  • Boss Monster Rise of the Minibosses & Sleeves
  • Boss Monster The Next Level and Sleeves
  • Boss Monster Tools of Hero-Kind
  • Boss Monster Crash Landing
  • Boss Monster Implements of Destruction

We’re going to use these items to kick off our first ever play to win event as well as Enbicon’s own game library! We’re super excited at having them on board to help us launch these two new elements of our convention.

Elderwood Academy

The fine people at Elderwood Academy have sent us one of their finely crafted wooden spellbook dice containers, bound in real leather, with pressed foil art, accented with a metal dry erase board and a custom foam insert that can be swapped out to suit your customization needs. this prize also includes a hexagonal wooden dice chest, and two sets of premium dice from our great sponsor Libris Arcana.

Heroes! Ready your spells and foci, and various instruments of fate!


Our returning friends, the noble craftspeoples of Wyrmwood bring us some of their exciting and premium woods. This year they’ve offered us a stunning Purpleheart Dice Vault, which will be filled when you get it, with a delightful set dice from our sponsors at Ice Cream Dice. For a truly epic team up!

Dice not as shown!

Gamezilla – Fredericton

Our friends at the local Gamezilla have been nice enough to offer us a variety of games and gear for Prizes and some for the auction as well. Among these exciting games, are Keyforge, the new and fun unique deck card game from Fantasy Flight, and Dungeon Mayhem a mad capped D&D card game from WotC.

Auction Items

Deadlands 20th Anniversary Edition

    Pinnacle Games sent us this amazing package of the core rule book and Marshall’s screen for Deadlands 20th Anniversary Edition which will be going into the SPCA Auction on Saturday with a starting bid of $30 CDN. If you’ve never experienced this classic game that combines horror, magic, mad science and the old west…well there is a reason it’s so beloved. There will be a Deadlands game run at the convention if you want the opportunity to see what all the buzz is about.