Game Auction!

Saturday Night Game Auction Returns!

Getting down to the wire now as September rolls in…We will once again be hosting the gaming auction, this year to benefit CARMA Fredericton. Bring your games to auction with the following…

  1. Seller’s Name.
  2. Starting Bid.
  3. Percentage for CARMA. The default (and minimum) is 25%.

If the information is not on the item we will make the default assumptions.

  1. Enbicon becomes the seller.
  2. The Starting bid will be $5. Regardless of possible value.
  3. 50% will go to CARMA, 50% will go to the convention.

Please be sure that items for the auction are things that will appeal to gamers. We do not accept old board games like Risk or Scrabble and we generally don’t accept game add-ons unless we think they will sell.

Not going to be able to make it to the Con but still want to sell your games? Contact us and arrange a location and time to drop them off and we’ll make sure they make it to the auction.

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