Enbicon’s Covid Protection Policy

At the end of the day our goal is to provide a safe environment for our attendees, guests and volunteers. As a result the current COVID plan is in place. We continue to monitor the provincial situation and will adjust as we feel is necessary.

  1. – Proof of vaccination. We’re a private business, not a care provider and thus not subject to PHIBA rules. Medical exemptions are allowed but if you are otherwise not vaccinated please stay home.
  2. – Adjusting spacing/number of tables. Guests not actively participating in a game are asked not to take up a table that is reserved for a game.
  3. – GMs will be provided with disinfectant and will wipe down the table surface once their game is concluded. It is also recommended that GMs wipe down the table before they start in case the previous group forgot (it happens).
  4. – Contact tracking list, including phone numbers.
  5. – Masks must be worn unless seated at a table and the table agrees.
  6. – Temperature taken and recorded upon entry.
  7. – Attendees will be asked the standard COVID questions and be required to sign that the answers given are accurate.

I want to be very, very clear here. This is not a place to protest masks or vaccines etc. Simply put you are welcome to stay home if you cannot or will not comply with the convention rules.

8 thoughts on “Enbicon’s Covid Protection Policy”

  1. The vaxx protects the individual and not others. Why the requirement for proof of vaccination? It is a violation of privacy. And it shows your lack of faith in the vaccine, which has shown to be quite effective at protecting the individual.

    These extra precautions are theater and unnecessary.

    1. Enbicon is a live event (similar to a concert) and as such we are taking all steps possible to keep all attendees safe while still playing in person. There may be those with health conditions that do not permit vaccination, those too young to be vaccinated, those who may act as host to a new variant, those who have not yet had two weeks pass since their last shot, and others. Some of our attendees and organizers work with vulnerable people and if they are vaccinated but contract the virus, they could unwittingly spread it to a large number of people who may not all be vaccinated. In the end we would rather trend towards being overly cautious so we can host the event rather than either cancel the event as cases climb (unless it becomes untenable) or become ground zero for a spreader event.

      1. That’s fair and of course safety is paramount.
        But given all the protocols (masks, distances, cleaning and disinfecting between matches, etc, which are all fair and completelyunderstandable), why mandate the vaxx requirement?
        I would offer that the vaxx requirement be dropped given all the safety protocols that will be in place.

        1. The current policy is what we feel is the best for the safety of all attendees and is not up for negotiation. If things in the province improve over the next several weeks we may alter the policy if we feel it is prudent to do so but that is a decision that we will make based on the priority of attendee safety. As things stand currently that is not likely, but we are all keeping abreast of the provincial situation.

    2. I just wanted to add that yes, the vaccine protects you. Statistically, more people who have gotten covid recently have not been vaccinated, so allowing unvaccinated people increases the chances of allowing someone who has covid and is not yet showing symptoms into the event.
      The masks protect others in case you have covid and are not showing symptoms. While less likely, people with the vaccine can still get and spread covid.

  2. There are at this time 167 active casses in NB as of today, so yes, both vaccines & masks will both be require at the event and this is not a negotiation. This is the only way that our executive team felt comfortable even having an in person event. And even if it was a negotiation, the options were never vax or no vax/mask or no mask: it was always con or no con.

    Also, the masks can be removed while seated at a table as long as everyone at the table agrees is not an idea out of nowhere; it is taken from what restaurants with indoor seating had been doing the entire pandemic.

    While we appreciate that people are allowed to chose not to get the vaccine, we are also allowed to require it.

    As stated, if you cannot or will not comply with the event rules, you are welcome to stay home.

    If you get into the event and stop following these rules, you will be removed from the event space and not be allowed to return, with no refund. It is that simple.

  3. Thank you. Just asking

    The ASL folks will follow your protocols, I was just asking and got the answers. Of note we have 2 or 3 coming from the US and they are really looking forward to this. I’m sure this is going to be a great tourney!

    Looking forward to this!

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