Enbicon 2022 is a Success!

That’s it for this year folks, and by all metrics it was a pretty amazing year, in spite of the storm. People that preregistered had all the games they signed up for run, people that showed up had games to play. Friday Attendance was the highest to date. We sold everything that was brought in for the game auction for the first time ever and raised 492$ for Carma. All that said the Enbicon Team is hard at work for next year. Got any queries/comments/concerns? Please let us know!


I hope you are all as excited for EnBiCon 2022 as we are!

We will have some amazing venders with us this year:

To start off, we are excited to have our gold sponsors, The Comic Hunter Fredericton with us once again. ~ https://www.comichunter.net/

Our other vendors are:

Thornewood Productions ~ https://www.etsy.com/shop/ThornewoodProduction

Prairie Girl Creations ~ https://www.facebook.com/nbprairiegirl/

We Made A Thing… EH!!! ~ https://www.facebook.com/wemadeathingeh

Muffy ~ https://www.gomuffygo.com/

Society for creative anachronism ~ https://www.sca.org/

Carl G Wargaming ~ https://www.facebook.com/Carl-G-Wargaming-315357566010998/

Website update and Game Auction Form

The Website has been updated with all the current info on Enbicon 2022 (if anyone spots any errors feel free to let me know.) This includes our new charity auction form. For those wishing to submit some items for the auction Saturday evening! Follow the link below or in the menu bar above it’s under the last tab.

Game Auction Submission form.

Badges and Game Registration now Available!

Badge sales are up! The price counting fees works out to about $19.70 Canadian. So a few cents cheaper than the door ($20) and you get an actual badge with your name printed on it, along with a lanyard (not branded…yet) instead of a wristband. Register here!

Purchasing your badge ahead of time also allows you to sign up for games you want to play, thus reserving your space if there’s something you really want to play.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Badges are non-refundable. If you’re not sure about attendance you are better off paying at the door.

We’ll see everyone in two weeks!

It’s Game Registration Time!!!

Game Registration for Enbicon 2022 is here!! Go here to sign up to run a game and we’ll get you onto the schedule!!

As things get registered we’ll post the games so players know what’s being run and when!

We’re excited to welcome back our Battletech mainstay and the Bolt Action folks for two different varieties of miniature mayhem on Saturday!!

Tabletop Events Enbicon Event Submission

The Road to Enbicon begins here!

Update! #RoadtoEnbicon

We did a thing. Well actually two things. (Not from your friendly webmaster we’re combining a couple of Updates here into one post, so it will be a longer one.)

1. We figured out the tech to print badges for folks who registered online. So those who did so will have badges and lanyards. Those who did not will have wrist bracelets. Next year we’re hoping to have badges for everyone, even if we need to print them on site.

2. We secured insurance. Like responsible grownups. Going forward this will make it easier for us to secure some different vendors and if we ever need a different venue it’s important to have established history.

We’ve grown in fits and starts over the years but thanks to the folks who keep coming and our wonderful sponsors (The Comic Hunter Fredericton, Puny Human, Dennis Financial – IPC Investment Corporation, Crucible Gaming Group) we’re able to keep doing this for you all to come out and play games! Excited for this weekend and already planning for 2022 (we’re booked into the hotel through 2023).

Covid Safety Policy UPDATE.

As of 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, masks will be mandatory in all indoor public spaces, including:

  • public spaces where the public and employees interact, such as retail businesses, malls, service centres, places of worship, and restaurants and bars except while eating;
  • organized indoor gatherings in public spaces, such as weddings and funerals;
  • common areas like lobbies, elevators and hallways, and public shared spaces including those in private sector and government workspaces; and public transportation.

Please be mindful of these new policies. Please note – that with this mandate this means that masks need to be worn at the table as well. We strongly recommend that GMs try to schedule a small break or two during their game so folks can get up and go outside without disrupting the game.